Why is sport psychology necessary?


There are many barriers to peak performance in sports and the performing arts. Poor practice habits, poor mental preparation, ineffective goal setting, anxiety, distracting and interfering thoughts, communication difficulties with coaches and instructors…the list goes on and on.

How many high-performing and elite athletes/artists fail to reach their potential or perform inconsistently in the "critical moment" because of difficulties in the "mental side" of sport and the performing arts? How can they be helped to be fully prepared in all the areas required for their best performance?

A psychologist with knowledge and experience in sport/performance psychology can assist in dealing with the above-cited concerns. Most professional teams, elite athletes, and high level and aspiring performing artists utilize the services of sport/performance psychologists in an effort to maximize performance and bring their practice and "game day" performances to a higher and more consistent level.

Dr. Conroy also works with "weekend warriors" and non-elite athletes who are simply trying to enjoy their chosen game or sports. Challenges like putting YIPS and second-serve anxiety can ruin the enjoyment of lifetime activities and Dr. Conroy enjoys helping athletes get back to loving their sport again.

The field of sport/performance psychology is filled with people advertising their expertise in development of "mental skills" and "zone performance." Often, these individuals have no formal academic or professional training. 

Why Dr. Conroy?


Dr. Conroy holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He has education, training, and clinical experience in working with athletes and performing artists. Dr. Conroy has consulting relationships with college and professional teams. HIPAA compliant encrypted-video consultation is an option for traveling athletes/performers.

There is no effective "cookbook" approach or single strategy or technique that works for everyone. Dr. Conroy assesses each athlete’s or artist’s strengths and weaknesses and develops a specific program for them.

Dr. Conroy has worked with a wide variety of athletes including swimmers, gymnasts, football and baseball players, fencers, track and field performers, golfers, and equestrians. Ages range from early adolescence to seniors. Skill levels range from school and travel team to olympic and professional athletes.